Diet and Nutrition

Did you know?

Children start learning about food at a very early age. The messages they receive during this time lay the foundations for the choices they make about food as they move up to school and beyond. With more than one in five children overweight or obese as they start their school reception year, it's never been more important to help them get a healthy start in life.

We have registered for the Eat Better Start Better pilot scheme. This guide was developed to assist early years providers, practitioners and parents to meet the early years foundation stage requirement for the provision of healthy, balanced and nutritious food and drink. Encouraging children to eat well and learn about food in their early years not only protects their health when they are young, but also sets the foundations for their future health and well being.

We serve healthy, balanced and nutritional foods, to encourage energetic, healthy and happy children within our nurseries.

Our nursery practitioners create a nurturing, secure and happy environment for all the children in our care. Our practitioners are required to undergo a rigorous 6-month induction and probation period, before they are entitled to unsupervised access with your child.

Our diet and nutritional programes give your child all of the energy they need for a busy day of play, learning and development.

We provide a morning snack, balanced lunch and afternoon tea. Our menus are carefully planned and freshly prepared by our experienced chefs.

We make every effort to make mealtimes fun and an opportunity to learn - meals are served family style so that children quickly grasp key skills and food etiquette - setting the table, serving themselves, sharing conversation and clearing away afterwards.

If your child has any special dietary needs based on medical/allergy conditions, religious, or cultural requirements, just let us know and our Nursery Manager will be happy to discuss further options with you.