Extra Activities

French Lessons

Goslings Nursery understands that there is a period in the development of young children when they are particularly receptive to languages. Dr. Montessori frequently compared the young minds to a sponge "they will learn a language without formal instruction and without the conscious tedious effort which an adult must make to master a foreign tongue". The vocal cords of a child are supple enough to reproduce the sounds of a new language naturally, their ears are so acute at this stage and they lack the self-consciousness, which will later inhibit them.

The lessons are entertaining and organised with emphasis on oral work. In order to make the child participate there are various activities such as games, songs, rhymes and role playing which cater for a relatively short attention span.

Music and Dance

Physical development and communication and language has been recognised as one of the prime areas crucial for igniting children's curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, as well as building their capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive.

Theatre Tots drama workshops are specifically designed for Early Years foundation stage. They are flexible and adaptable. We can choose from an existing list of themes or we can design a bespoke workshop to fit in with the work you are doing in class.

Each class is different as they work around the children's interest, a typical class consist of games, mimes and imitation, tongue twisters, costumes, stories characters, props and songs leaving the children engrossed fully throughout the session.

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